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About Power & Energy Management Solutions

Airconditioning - Electrical -Energy Auditing - Solar Installations

Power Energy Management Solutions is a full service company that provides cost effective Energy Reduction  Solutions for our customers.With the ever increasing energy demands in our country and rising electricity costs,Power and Energy Managment Solutions has devised processes in which to identify the clients needs and work through processes that will ultimately lead to an overall solution. Rather than target one style of energy mitigation option(ie Solar PV),we incorporate many state of the art solutions acquired over years of experience in the Industry.

Our operation is under the leadership of Director and Masters of Energy Graduate,Frank Cernoia. He has been part of the very intensive masters program through the International Energy Centre,University of Queensland -St Lucia,University of Newcastle and University of Western Australia.

His skill is further enhanced by the technical expertise he has acquired over almost 30 years as an electrician in the field to sales engineering roles at Schneider Electric.

Originally, we found that our customers were seeking an easy way to access the increasingly complex range of electrical solutions which are available, so we have spent considerable time and effort perfecting our expertise.

PeMS focuses in many separate business units covering residential, commercial and industrial markets some of which are listed below:

1. Energy Consultation and Implementation Solution following our "3 Step Approach" method
2. Solar Energy including on and off grid ,performing full data analysis on actual consumption and load profiles
3. Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration 
4. Electrical Installations and Service
5. Surge and Lightning Protection

PeMS is proud to be the agent of the revolutionary new product ENVIROTEMP.

We have an outstanding customer service standard and strive to maintain the highest customer satisfaction.  Therefore our directors and technicians work together on all levels of service to appropriately monitor and respond to all customer requests. 

By doing this PeMS are able to provide a competitive advantage with personal relationships, our experience, and providing a name and face that you can trust.

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